Welcome to Sun Is Life Training!


You’ve found the indoor tanning industry’s premier salon operator training program – created by tanning professionals for tanning professionals.

Effective: Designed with today’s busy tanning professional in mind, Sun is Life is the cutting-edge, high-impact salon staff training program you’ve been looking for.

Innovative: Integrating proven industry Best Practices in salon operation with Guest Experience Principles, Sun is Life teaches learners to consistently deliver exceptional guest experiences.

Flexible: The variety of 15-minute modules lets you focus on the Sun is Life Training that’s right for you, right now.

Affordable: An investment in Sun is Life Training is an outstanding value!

Powerful: Valuable reporting options and back-office tools give management ongoing visibility into staff training progress and results.



What makes Sun is Life Training so unique and effective?

Just about everything! The program was built by tanning professionals for tanning professionals. Only Sun is Life Training delivers these important features:

Proven Salon Operator Best Practices: Sun is Life Training is backed by more than 20 years of tanning salon business Best Practices. Every module teaches professional salon operation, delivered in proven, real-world lessons.

Guest Experience Training: Savvy salon operators know it takes more than good customer service to compete in today’s marketplace. Only Sun is Life training teaches specific techniques to go beyond customer service and create engaging, memorable salon experiences for every guest … every time.

Downloadable Course Packs: Every Sun is Life Training module includes a downloadable Course Pack containing lesson summaries, exercises and additional resources.

Engaging Storylines: The Sun is Life Training method revolves around a storyline that brings the lessons to life. The course follows a fun and familiar cast of characters that includes both salon guests and staff to make each lesson relevant, effective and memorable.

Flights: The Sun is Life approach to training is modular, so you can take the training that’s right for you, right now. The program is available in Flights – bundles of modules organized to match staff experience levels with appropriate lessons.

Rich Multimedia & Interactivity: Sun is Life is geared toward today’s tech-savvy learner. Lessons contain an engaging combination of rich multimedia, interactive click-maps, music, graphics and animations that capture and keep attention to maximize learning.

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