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Wear A Hat and Sunglasses


Wearing a hat with a wide brim will protect your eyes, ears, nose, forehead, and scalp from harmful UV rays. You can also purchase UV-blocking sunglasses, which is an important step to take when making sure your eyes are protected. Research has shown that spending extended hours in the sun without eye protection will increase your chances of developing eye disease.

Before you buy your next pair of sunglasses, check the label to make sure they block 99% to 100% of UVA and UVB radiation. If the label says “Meets ANSI UV Requirements” or “UV absorption up to 400 nm”, that means they block out at least 99% of UV rays. If your sunglasses are labeled “cosmetic” they only block around 70% of UV rays. Never assume that unlabeled sunglasses provide UV protection of any kind. Make sure when you are buying children sunglasses that you also check the label and purchase real sunglasses, instead of toy sunglasses.

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