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TRIED & TESTED: Armed with sun protection

Sleeves that promise to block damaging rays of the sun? Meena Sreenivasan is amazed

I HAD the opportunity recently to try a product from SunSoul Clothing, a pair of arm sleevelets. Here’s the thing: When the sleevelets capture the sunlight, they provide specific benefits to the skin.
How cool is that?

The sleevelet is just one of the many items in its line of innovative apparel and accessories that uses an application of advanced florescent technology to refine the skin’s tone and texture as well as prevent sun damage, and blemishes.

The unique dense knit material acts as a selective filter that captures and blocks UV rays from the sun with the effect of UPF50+ protection.

According to the accompanying brochure, “the fluorescent material combines the properties of high-end outdoor fabrics with effective laser treatment. Fluorescent pigments imbedded in the material’s matrix facilitate transmission of light within a narrow spectral range for improving the appearance of skin. The transmitted light can be adjusted to different wavelengths to help improve the appearance of troubled skin due to blemishes, damaged skin or ageing skin”.

My sleevelets were a vibrant florescent yellow or yelomod. One look at them and I couldn’t help but think how strange I’d look wearing them.

One morning, I put them on before driving to work. I thought they would fit my arms snugly but they were a little loose and kept coming down.

It would have been good if they were a better fit but since they were not meant to be a fashion statement, they didn’t bother me too much as long as they served their purpose and protected my arms from the sun’s rays.

Do you know that yellow light has the ability to be absorbed by collagen and it stimulates remodelling of the skin while blue light is used to deal with acne and blemishes?

Yelomod helps fight hyperpigmentation and age spots but since I don’t have these problems, I am not able to verify that.

The combined design features of the fabric with the flourescent pigment resulted in only the visible, healthy blue or yellow light reaching the skin at about 70 per cent of the sun’s intensity, while 90 per cent of UV light is either blocked, absorbed by the material or converted to safe, coloured light. That’s how it works.

According to Dr Michael Kreindel, one of the founding fathers of the IPL industry, using Sunsoul for two hours a week for six to eight weeks will provide the desired effects.

I will surely wear them when I spend time outdoors under the sun, such as when on a beach holiday. After using them for one week, I could see some improvement in the firmness of the skin on my arms.

For me, wearing the sleevelets means I can step out of the house knowing that my arms are safely protected from the sun’s harmful rays.

The sleevelets are pretty revolutionary I must say. I hope to see more positive results pretty soon.

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