Sun is Life® is the industry’s leading tanning salon operator training program. Developed by industry professionals for industry professionals. We offer you and your staff the tools to elevate your team’s level of professionalism, and increase your confidence in both providing and promoting responsible tanning.

Only Sun is Life® delivers these important features:

Proven Salon Operator Best Practices: Sun is Life® is backed by more than 20 years of tanning salon business Best Practices. Every module teaches professional salon operation, delivered in proven, real-world lessons.

Guest Experience Training: Savvy salon operators know it takes more than good customer service to compete in today’s marketplace. Only Sun is Life® teaches specific techniques to go beyond customer service and create engaging, memorable salon experiences for every guest, every time.

Downloadable Course Packs: Every Sun is Life® training module includes a downloadable course pack containing lesson summaries, exercises and additional resources.

Engaging Storylines: The Sun is Life® training method revolves around a storyline that brings the lessons to life. The course follows a fun and familiar cast of characters that includes both salon guests and staff to make each lesson relevant, effective and memorable.



In the certification program, you will learn everything you need to know to be a certified salon operator in your state. This program covers the basic “ins and outs” of the tanning salon industry. The program empowers you to be more professional, knowledgeable, and prepared for almost anything you will face on a daily basis at the tanning salon. Upon completion of the certification program, you will meet your state’s specific requirements for becoming a Tanning Salon Operator.

The Sun is Life Salon Operator Certification Program is the perfect place to start to equip your team with the tools and knowledge they need to represent and operate your business with professionalism.


Once you have received your Salon Operator Certification, your next step in professional excellence is the Advanced Operator Training program. This program builds on the knowledge gained from the Salon Operator Certification, providing a deeper level of understanding. With the completion of all three flights, you will receive the Guest Experience Medallion certification.

The Advanced Training Program is recommended for those looking to move into leadership roles within the tanning salon, but can be customized for any level of advanced training your salon staff needs. 


Advanced Training Flights offer a 3-tiered approach that bundle specific modules based upon your on-going progress as a dedicated tanning professional. Start with Flight 1; then as you’re ready to enhance your skill set, add Flight 2. Then finally, Flight 3 which will complete your training program. We offer the Flights separately or as a package deal.


The Beginner’s Flight Includes topics such as:

  • Know Your UV ABC’s
  • UV and You, The Skinny on Skin
  • Pre-Screen Routine
  • I Care for Eye Care
  • You’re Just My Type
  • First Impressions Last


The Intermediate Flight Includes topics such as:

  • Be a Detective
  • Be a Tour Guide
  • Be an Authority
  • Lights Out
  • Lamps and Amps
  • 411 on 911s


The Advanced Flight Includes topics such as:

  • Be an Advocate
  • Be a Director
  • Tan with a Plan
  • This Little Bed’s Juuust Right
  • Mixed Media
  • No Train, No Gain

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