The Skinny on Skin


This review on skin anatomy will help you learn the various components of the skin, understand the tanning process, and why a tan can fade over time.

When exposed to UV light, a pigment in the skin called melanin starts to react and ultimately is responsible for the color of your tan. Once you know the layers of the skin and the effects of UV light on the skin, you can help guests understand the tanning process – and help guide expectations about how quickly they’ll start to see results and how long those results may last.

After completing this Sun is Life module, you will be able to:

  • • Explain the components of human skin.
  • • Name the three skin layers.
  • • Describe how the skin cells respond to UV light.
  • • Explain why a suntan fades.
  • • Apply the Guest Experience Principle: Guiding Guest Expectations.
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