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Sunshine Heals Cancer, and the FDA is Powerless to Stop It, Regulate It or Ban It


Do you realize that one of the most powerful cures for cancer is streaming over our heads each and every day, free of charge? It’s sunlight, which is astounding in its ability to prevent and cure cancer. If it were a mainstream drug, it would probably make the cover of Time magazine and be heralded as the greatest medical breakthrough in the history of modern science. It’s that good.

Sunlight exposure reduces the risk of many cancers by more than 50 percent and even helps reverse certain types of cancers through the creation of vitamin D in the body. It’s a magnificent natural healing modality, and it’s been right in front of our eyes, every single day, since before Homo sapiens even evolved on this planet. Yet somehow, after spending billions of dollars on so-called medical research to find “cures” for various cancers, almost no one from the world of mainstream medicine has yet acknowledged the healing power of natural sunlight and vitamin D.

None of them have actually prescribed sunlight to patients, except for perhaps a handful of pioneering researchers like Dr. Michael Holick, who was attacked for speaking out about the truth of sunlight and cancer. By and large, the medical community has not only ignored this truly miraculous cure for many types of cancer; it has worked hard to discredit it.

If there were ever a reason to lose faith in conventional medicine, or so-called modern medicine, it is simply the fact that one of the greatest cures and prevention strategies for cancer goes completely ignored by nearly the entire conventional medical community. It’s as if there were a miracle medicine invented, but conventional medical doctors didn’t want anyone to find out about it. Why aren’t researchers promoting cures that are available for free?

Protecting the medical dogma

The medical community doesn’t want to promote cures it did not invent. When nature offers a cure, that’s not very satisfying to the egos of drug company researchers and scientists. A drug company only wants to promote cures that it can patent and exploit for financial gain. The way it perpetuates the cycle is to make sure that the cancer treatments it controls get a lot more press and hype than any natural treatments. You don’t see sunlight promoted in full-page advertisements for its ability to prevent or reverse cancer. Instead, the medical community uses the full-page advertisement for high-profit prescription drugs that have negative side effects and actually kill people.

When people ask me about the reason for my skepticism toward conventional medicine, part of my answer is that conventional medicine is primarily interested in generating profits. It is a for-profit industry. It is obviously not interested in finding the best treatments and cures available, because if it was, sunlight would be at the top of the list for natural treatments and prevention strategies for breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, and even diseases like osteoporosis and depression.

Do you realize how many hundreds of millions of people around the world could have their lives saved or improved through simple vitamin D supplementation or sensible exposure to natural sunlight? We could dramatically improve the quality and duration of life in a huge percentage of the global population. Yet, the only reason that isn’t happening is because the defenders of conventional medicine continue to discredit sunlight. They actually scare people away from the healing power of sunlight and discredit any person who speaks out about the ability of vitamin D to halt prostate cancer or breast cancer.

Sunlight is discredited by people who don’t know any better

People who are willing to tell the truth about sunlight and vitamin D are routinely attacked and discredited by critics who happen to have a lot of letters after their names, but who actually know almost nothing about the basics of human health. In their minds, sunlight is just some evil, destructive, cancer-causing radiation demon in the sky. They don’t bother to question if that myth is actually true or false. They just accept it as fact because that’s what was taught to them.

The beautiful thing about sunlight and vitamin D is that, once you have the knowledge of the healing powers of this natural modality, they can’t take it away from you. No one can prevent you from exposing yourself to a sensible amount of sunlight. No one could stop your skin from creating vitamin D. No one can charge you a royalty on sunlight, and even the most adamant white-fisted FDA bureaucrats and drug company execs won’t be able to censor the truth about this remedy.

The FDA, you see, has no jurisdiction over sunlight, unless you sell it along with health claims, in which case the FDA would say that your “claims” about sunlight turn it into a drug. Following that, the FDA might actually try to outlaw sunlight, claiming its health benefits are “unproven” and that it must undergo $800 million clinical drug trials before anyone can use sunlight again.

Fortunately, the FDA can’t stop you from experiencing the benefits of sunlight yourself. All you have to do to take advantage of this gift from nature is go out and get some sensible sunlight on your skin, and you will immediately start generating medicine in your own body (vitamin D) that will help reverse and prevent many types of cancer. And the FDA can’t do a thing about it. Sunlight is the ultimate health freedom medicine.

It is also the same kind of medicine that will boost your bone mineralization and cardiovascular health, as well as help prevent diabetes, obesity and depression. It will even help prevent gum disease. If you are a woman expecting a child, it will greatly enhance the health of your unborn child. These are benefits that conventional medicine, particularly the FDA, cannot take away from you. This is your natural gift.

The litmus test for doctors

For me, the power of natural sunlight to enhance human health and prevent progressive, degenerative, chronic disease is so astounding that it has become a litmus test for any doctor or person involved in health care. I ask people in the medical field for their opinion on natural sunlight, and if they respond by saying it causes cancer and that people should wear sunscreen all the time, then I know they are ignorant and live in the past when it comes to medicine. On the other hand, if they say sunlight can actually ease depression, and is the most powerful anticancer therapy in the world, then I know they are on the ball.

In addition to this being a litmus test on an individual basis, this same question is a litmus test for the entire industry. Until conventional medicine embraces the reality that natural sunlight is hugely important for the health of our population, it has zero credibility as far as I’m concerned. Until doctors inform African-Americans of their increased need for sunlight exposure, or their increased risk of vitamin D deficiency, modern medicine has zero credibility. Until doctors start prescribing sunlight to patients who are deficient in vitamin D rather than treating the symptoms of diseases caused by those deficiencies, they have zero credibility.

This is the litmus test of the industry: Will organized medicine openly embrace things that work even if it didn’t think of them first? Or will it continue to meddle with the biochemistry of patients, using dangerous pharmaceuticals in an effort to override normal human physiology for the purpose of claiming a chemical victory over a symptom that’s easily preventable with sunlight in the first place?

It comes down to the credibility of the entire industry. Will the industry use what works to help patients, or will the industry discredit everything outside the realm of whatever it thought of first? That’s the real question, because an industry that only promotes its own patented and overpriced pharmaceuticals is an industry that will soon become irrelevant, because the information about the healing power of sunlight, medicinal herbs and medicinal foods is no longer a secret. It’s getting out. People are learning that they can avail themselves of the best medicine in the world by turning to nature and avoiding physicians, hospitals and pharmacies altogether.

The best pharmacy in the world is the pharmacy of nature. Time and time again we are discovering that the cures for major chronic diseases are available in nature at absolutely zero cost. Sunlight is free of charge. Vitamin D is such a powerful healing drug that I’m surprised the FDA hasn’t tried to confiscate it from people’s bodies. I’m surprised the FDA hasn’t announced that vitamin D is a controlled drug, and that people are not allowed to use it without FDA approval and a prescription from their doctor. I’m surprised the FDA hasn’t arrested me yet, because I am a person who, on a regular basis, doses himself with the most powerful medicine in the world: Sunlight.

Am I playing doctor with my own body? You bet I am. I’m practicing medicine on myself, with the help of nature, and the entire medical-industrial complex is powerless to stop it. Long live health freedom!

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