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Sun tanning beds at solariums expected to be shut down eventually


The Health Minister Kim Hames says Western Australia is likely to follow in the footsteps of the rest of the nation and shut down sun beds.

WA is the only state that has not banned solariums after the Queensland government moved to outlaw them on the weekend.

The tanning beds have been linked to the development of skin cancer.

Dr Hames says while Cabinet is yet to make the decision, a ban is likely to be implemented by the end of next year.

“There’s not lots of them, there’s no big downside for them to stop because most of them have other businesses,” he said.

“And, I think given every other state and territory has done it, it’s probably right we follow suit.”

Opposition Leader Mark McGowan says tanning beds should have been banned already.

“The fact that the government has known about this since 2009, other states have taken action in that period of time, yet our government hasn’t done a thing about it, I think is not acceptable,” he said.

The State Government could be forced to pay compensation to solarium operators if WA pushes ahead with a ban on sun beds.

The WA Cancer Council’s Terry Slevin says in Queensland operators will be paid $1,000 in compensation for each tanning bed and WA’s likely to follow suit.

“The cost of managing skin cancer in WA costs between $50 and $100 million a year so if we spend some money in the process of shutting down the solarium industry, then that’s money well spent,” he said.

“These are problems that have been wrestled with by other jurisdictions and WA can benefit from that experience and it’s a doable process.

“It’s really important I think that WA join the timing of the shutting down of these things with what’s happened around the rest of the country.”

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