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Membership Mojo


Tanning memberships offer your guests a level of exclusivity, convenience and value. They also provide your salon with a predictable source of revenue. Learn these simple steps and you’ll soon discover the ART of finding your Membership Mojo.

Learn to effectively promote, recommend and sell salon memberships on a consistent basis and you’ll provide greater guest value and build a predictable and reliable revenue stream for your salon. Selling memberships isn’t rocket science, but it is an ART. Learn three simple steps that will help you find your “membership mojo”.

After completing this Sun is Life module, you will be able to:

  • • Use the ART sales concept to Attract, Recommend & Transact.
  • • Discuss membership program basics and up-selling.
  • • Cite promotional ideas and long-term memberships.
  • • Discuss the benefits of a referral program to attract new members and reward loyalty.
  • • Explain the different forms of payment including electronic funds transfer (EFT).
  • • Apply the Guest Experience Principle: Providing Value Beyond Goods & Services.