Sun is Life Flights offer a 3-tiered approach that bundles specific modules based upon your on-going progress as a dedicated tanning professional. Start with Flight 1; then as you’re ready to enhance your skill set, add Flight 2, then Flight 3. Complete all three, and you earn your GEM.

[threecol_one]Flight One – Apprentice

Know Your UV ABCs
The Skinny on Skin
UV and You
Tan with a Plan
First Impressions Last
I Care for Eye Care
A Little Dirty Talk
You’re Just My Type



[threecol_one]Flight Two – Practitioner

Be a Detective
Be a Tour Guide
Be an Authority
Notions About Lotions
Membership Mojo
Got Sunless?
Pre-Screen Routine
411 on 911s
This Little Bed’s Juuust Right
Be an Advocate


[threecol_one_last]Flight Three – Master

Be a Director
Mixed Media
No Train, No Gain
Compliance Reliance
Community: It’s About Time
Lights Out
Lamps and Amps




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