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First Impressions Last


Adopt a telephone communication style that anticipates and satisfies the needs and expectations of your guests while building rapport, synergy and two-way trust.

Guests can usually form a judgment through one interaction with one individual. Dissatisfaction from guests can come from the neglect they feel if they’ve received a poor product or service, or if the treatment they receive during a telephone interaction is poor.

After completing this Sun is Life module, you will be able to:

  • • Identify a telephone caller based on the Three Guest Types.
  • • Prepare a script to answer calls from each of the Three Guest Types.
  • • Discuss the 10-Point Guide to Telephone Courtesy.
  • • Recall Telephone Dos and Don’ts and Phrases that Drive Guests Away.
  • • Apple the Guest Experience Principle: Eliminate Negative Impressions.