Enrollment & Certification

No additional books or materials are required. Any essential readings are provided to you as downloadable PDF files with your course registration.

Currently the courses are only offered in English.

No, the training is not available in CD format.

Currently the Sun if Life online program is designed to be accessible exclusively to individuals. Please contact us regarding on-site training for more information about groups.

Course content can be viewed as many times as you would like.

You can log out of the course at any time. However each time you logout and log back in you will need to navigate through the course to get to where you left off.

On average it takes a few hours to read and complete the exam for the Sun is Life® Salon Operator Certification. However, length of time depends on the student. You  go straight through or work on it little by little. The program is designed to be flexible to suit the learning styles of each individual student.

No, this is not recommended. You will want to try and take the Final Exam in one sitting.

For the Salon Operator Certification, each user will have Three (3) attempts to pass the Final Exam. Most states require a 80% to pass the Final Exam, while some will require higher.

For the Advanced Training quizzes, each quiz has up to 100 attempts to pass. You must complete each quiz with a 100% in order to pass.

Always attempt to complete the Final Exam from start to finish in one sitting. If you get interrupted, do not close out of an Final Exam, you may experience technical difficulties and will not be able to continue that attempt at the Final Exam if you do.

The Final Exam does not have a time limit, but it must be completed in one session.

There are no repercussions for failing the first attempt. However, after a second failed attempt, we suggest that employees work with their supervisor to prepare a strategy for passing the third time. This could include revisiting course materials or retaking the course.

Once you complete a lesson, or the entire course, you can go back and review the materials as much as you’d like during the 90-day time frame for course completion. All of your downloaded materials will also be available for your review long after completion of the course.

You need to be certified in the state you are WORKING in, not the state you LIVE in.

It will be up to the state you move to whether or not they will still acknowledge/accept your current certification.

Expiration of certification is evaluated by state. You will need to check with your state’s authorities to find out if and when your certification expires.

You can become certified at any age, as long as you pass the Sun is Life examination after completing the course work. However, employability will depend on your specific state’s rules and regulations. Check with your local state authorities to find out the age restrictions for tanning salon operators.



No, Sun is Life is limited to the person who was registered.

We do offer group discounts for multiple users. Contact us for additional information.

To obtain a receipt for an online purchase, please submit a request on the contact page. A customer service representative will contact you and provide you with a receipt for your purchase as soon as possible during normal business hours.

Accounts should be set up for each employee with their information. If the employer is paying for the course, the employer can input their payment method in the billing section during checkout.


The course works best with the latest versions of browser programs such as Chrome and Firefox. If you are using outdated versions of these browsers, you may need to upgrade your browser for the course to operate properly.

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