Module Descriptions

Lamps and Amps

Manage the arguably most critical component in your tanning salon. Master device operations while ensuring a personalized tanning experience. Whether you call them “tubes” “lamps” or “bulbs”, sunlamp performance is directly related to the tanning system in which it is installed. The exact same lamp may result in different outputs not only in the same …

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Mixed Media

Successful marketing requires an artful blend of traditional and non-traditional methods. Learn to leverage the new generation of marketing vehicles – social media – to market your business and manage your online reputation. Social networks and social commerce are changing the marketing game. Traditional marketing like advertising and direct mail are still an important part …

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Light's Out

Tanning system maintenance is a critical part of your salon’s success. Stop making excuses and gain practical, proven methods for maintaining equipment to operate at peak performance. Along with being clean, equipment needs to be kept in optimal working order. When a bed is out of service for any reason, your sales and profits diminish. …

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