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Module Descriptions

  • Know Your UV ABCs

    Know Your UV ABCs

    Sun is life … literally. So, get the facts of life. Learn about the different types of UV light, and discover why indoor tanning offers more control of the variables that can’t be controlled when […]

  • UV and You

    UV and You

    As a tanning professional, it’s vital that you understand how the skin responds to UV and are familiar with common situations and skin conditions. While the tanning process is the same for each person, each […]

  • The Skinny on Skin

    The Skinny on Skin

    This review on skin anatomy will help you learn the various components of the skin, understand the tanning process, and why a tan can fade over time. When exposed to UV light, a pigment in […]

  • You’re Just My Type

    You’re Just My Type

    Master the essentials of Skin Typing using a skin outline to determine an exposure schedule as recommended by the tanning system manufacturer to promote responsible tanning. Tanning works differently for different skin types. To promote […]

  • Tan with a Plan

    Tan with a Plan

    When it comes to tanning, an informed guest is the best guest. The decision to tan is a personal and important decision. You need to help your guests realize there’s a wealth of information available […]

  • I Care for Eye Care

    I Care for Eye Care

      In a tanning salon, eye care is not an option – it’s a non-negotiable requirement. Get the facts to educate guests on the vital importance of wearing FDA compliant eye protection. It’s a fact: […]

  • First Impressions Last

    First Impressions Last

    Adopt a telephone communication style that anticipates and satisfies the needs and expectations of your guests while building rapport, synergy and two-way trust. Guests can usually form a judgment through one interaction with one individual. […]

  • A Little Dirty Talk

    A Little Dirty Talk

      If you have a personal grudge against dirt and germs, you’re going to love this Sun is Life module. If not, A Little Dirty Talk will do you a lot of good, anyway. A […]

  • Pre-Screen Routine

    Pre-Screen Routine

    Uncover your guest’s real tanning potential. Use advanced pre-screening skills and tools to protect your guests, as well as your tanning salon. Pre-screening for potentially limiting procedures will protect your guests as well as your […]

  • The 411 on 911s

    The 411 on 911s

    Enhance your ability to recognize, respond to and report unpredictable UV overexposure emergencies. Injury is defined as any circumstance or incident resulting from the use of a tanning system that prompts a guest to seek […]

  • Be a Detective

    Be a Detective

    Put your best foot forward each time a guest enters the salon. Take the guesswork out of qualifying each guest to give them what they really want. Learn about your role and goal in the […]

  • Be an Authority

    Be an Authority

    Most guests will play by the rules, but once in a while you’ll need to assert your authority to ensure they do. When appropriate, you can give the guest something to say “Yes” to as […]