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Be an Advocate


There are a lot of myths floating around about tanning. Equipped with the correct information, you can help your guests make responsible tanning choices, ones that are best for them.

Learn how to give guests correct, accurate, up-to-date info in the salon, on the phone or online, so they can make educated decisions about tanning.

When your salon guests have the facts – whether it’s details about tanning and UV, how to properly operate equipment, or the facts about moderate UV exposure – you help them make informed decisions that benefit them, your salon and you.

After completing this Sun is Life module, you will be able to:

  • • Discuss how changing our message is a better approach to industry communication.
  • • Explain how the role of the tanning professional is evolving.
  • • Cite helpful resources designed specifically for guests with questions about tanning.
  • • Communicate what claims you can and cannot make as a tanning professional.
  • • Apply the Guest Experience Principle: Going Beyond Guest Satisfaction.