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Be a Director


Find, interview and keep your staff motivated and engaged.

Learn best practices for finding and interviewing new staff – then strategies to help keep them motivated and engaged, which can help you keep key team members.

When you hire in the right people, your guests are happier, your workplace is happier, and you are happier. You spend less time putting out fires and handling staff issues. Whether you’re a manager currently, or have the desire to be a part of your salon management team in the future, you’ll need a wide variety of skills to find and keep your dream team.

After completing this Sun is Life module, you will be able to:

  • • Cite ways to locate qualified applicants.
  • • Discuss the importance of a well-written position description.
  • • Explain some interviewing dos and don’ts.
  • • Motivate to improve job performance, build enthusiasm and reduce turnover.
  • • Apply the Guest Experience Principle: Work is Theatre.