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A Little Dirty Talk



If you have a personal grudge against dirt and germs, you’re going to love this Sun is Life module. If not, A Little Dirty Talk will do you a lot of good, anyway.

A clean and inviting guest environment is important to the success of any retail business. But in the tanning profession, it’s absolutely critical. Drop the ball on cleaning and sanitation – even just once – and you may lose a guest forever.

This module provides the info necessary to properly clean and sanitize (yes, there is a difference) key salon areas to reassure even the most fussy and particular guest. And in rare cases, when a cleanliness issue arises, you’ll know how to recover from this serious service breakdown.

After completing this Sun is Life module, you will be able to:

  • • Cite the 11 areas in the tanning room that need to be sanitized after each session.
  • • Discuss the nightly and weekly cleaning and sanitation schedules.
  • • Prepare the appropriate cleaners and sanitizers for different needs.
  • • Explain steps to disinfect re-usable eyewear to EPA requirements.
  • • Apply the Guest Experience Principle: Recovering from Service Breakdowns.